The Ultimate Tyre Guide to Honda Activa: Models, Features, and the TVS Eurogrip Range of Tyres

Honda, a name synonymous with two-wheelers, has been in the market for decades, providing users with top-notch vehicles. Among its vast array of offerings, Honda Activa stands out as a premier choice for scooter enthusiasts. The Activa range offers a blend of advanced features, comfortable riding experience, and robust performance. Undoubtedly, Honda Activa has consistently been a top choice for two-wheeler enthusiasts in search of a reliable and stylish scooter.

Honda Activa: There are three models within the Activa range, each tailored to diverse needs of its customers:

Activa 6G: 6G is the latest in the series, this model boasts a 109.51 cc engine. Silent Start with ACG, ESP Technology for Enhanced fuel efficiency, Improved handling with front telescopic suspension. Its elegant design paired with LED headlamps and an extended tail lamp makes it a beauty on the roads.

Honda Activa 6G Tyre Sizes & Air Pressure:

Activa 125: A more powerful variant, this model is powered by a 124 cc engine and offers features like side stand indicator with engine cut off for improved safety and an external fuel lid for convenience.

Honda Activa 125 Tyre Sizes & Air Pressure:

Activa i: Although a predecessor to the 6G, the i doesn’t skimp on features. A sleek design and 109.19 cc engine and comes with a digital analog meter, providing essential information at a glance. Comfortable Seat, , Lighter body for easy manoeuvrability. Ideal for daily commuting, Lightweight and easy to handle, Affordable and cost-effective.

Honda Activa I Tyre Size & Air Pressure:

Key Features and Benefits of Each Activa Model

Fuel Efficiency: All Activa models prioritize fuel efficiency, ensuring that riders get the best mileage without compromising on performance.

Advanced Combi-Brake System (CBS): This feature, present across all models, ensures shorter braking distances, adding an extra layer of safety.

Ergonomic Design: The design of Activa models emphasizes rider comfort, from the seating to the handle grip.

Why TVS Eurogrip is the Best Tyre Choice for Honda Activa

TVS Eurogrip has a range of 11 varieties of tyres based on your road conditions and weather conditions. Visit

A vehicle’s performance is as good as its tyres. TVS Eurogrip stands out as a recommended tyre for Honda Activa due to:

Superior Grip: These tyres offer excellent road grip, making rides safer and smoother.

Durability: Made with high-quality rubber, they promise longer tyre life.

Optimal Performance: Designed to enhance the Activa’s performance, these tyres ensure a balanced ride in various conditions.

Usage and Maintenance Tips for Honda Activa and its Tyres

Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular services for your Activa to keep it in peak condition.

Check Tyre Pressure: Ensure that the tyres are inflated to the recommended pressures.

Avoid Overloading: Respect the load limit of the vehicle to prevent undue wear and tear.

Inspect Tyres: Regularly check for cuts, damages, or any signs of wear. Replace if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is the mileage of Honda Activa models?

All Activa models offer a mileage of approximately 45-50 kmpl, though it may vary based on usage.

b. How often should I change my Activa’s tyres?

Generally, tyres should be replaced every 20,000-25,000 km, but it depends on usage and road conditions.

c. Why should I consider TVS Eurogrip for my Honda Activa?

Visit and have a look at the wide range of tyres TVS Eurogrip offers for your Honda active, based on your weather condition, road condition and your usage. Choosing the right tyre is vital for the performance, mileage and durability and our chat support team can help you choose the right tyre. TVS Eurogrip offers a combination of grip, durability, and performance enhancement, making it a solid choice for Activa riders.

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